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Sorry, no puppies available
Beklagar, inga valpar at tinga

Previous litter / Sista kullen

On March 23rd, Ice gave birth to 6 healthy puppies, 2 blue merle boys, 2 tricolour boys, 1 blue merle girl and 1 tricolour girl.

Den 23:e mars fick Ice 6 livskraftiga valpar - 2 blue merle hanar, 2 trefärgade hanar, 1 blue merle tik och 1 trefärgad tik.

Ice x Charles litter
Ice x Charles kull

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SCH DCH Seamist Snowstar
Sire: FIN Ch HawkEire's SpiritO'Barksdale
Dam: S Ch Seamist Spot-On

HD: A // CEA: Mild/Lindrig CRD

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Charles vom Bopparder Hamm BH/AD/VPG3/FH2
Sire: Basko vom Knielohbach BH, AD, VPG III (skydds)
Dam: Canny Catja vom Schwarzen Blitz BH, AD, FH I (spår), VPG III (skydds)

HD: A // CEA: u.a. // MDR +/-