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Congratulations / Gratulationer

Seamist Black Ice passed his mentality test with 387 points. Owner Sonny Bäckman.
His brother Seamist Arctic Ice passed with 367 points and his sister Seamist Lavender Ice obtained 250 points, and while she did not pass, she was unafraid and gunshot proof.

Sasha did not gain his Ch title as he needs a CC after 24 months of age.
Photos of his test can be found here.

Seamist Ice Blue is now a Norwegian Champion.

Seamist Black Ice klarade MT med 387 p, äg. Sonny Bäckman.
Brodern Seamist Arctic Ice godkänd med 367 p och systern Seamist Lavender
Ice fick 250 p, ej godkänd men orädd och skottfast.

Sasha blev inte U.Ch. han behöver ett cert efter 24 mån för att bli det.
Kort på hans MT finns här.

Seamist Ice Blue är nu N. U.Ch.

Congratulations / Gratulationer

Approved Mentality Tests:
Seamist Ice Blue, owner Kristin Eskerud. Holds 3 CCs in Norway, but is too young to gain Ch title.
Seamist Snow-N-Ice, owner Anders Svensson, this completes his Ch title. He is now a Swedish Champion. Shown 5 times, 4 times CC and BOB.

Godkända MT:
Seamist Ice Blue, äg. Kristin Eskerud. Har 3 cert i Norge men är för ung för att få sin U.CH. titel.
Seamist Snow-N-Ice, äg. Anders Svensson, som därmed blev SE.U.CH. Utställd 5 gånger, 4 med cert o. BIR.  

Congratulations / Gratulationer

Swedish Kennel Club show in Ljungskile for judge Charlotte Sandberg:

Seamist Arctic Ice - CC-BOS
Seamist Crystallice - 3rd Best Bitch

SKK Ljungskile for dommare Charlotte Sandberg:

Seamist Arctic Ice - CERT-BIM
Seamist Crystallice - 3TK

Congratulations / Gratulationer

Bjuvs Brukshundklubb, judge Jörgen Hindse.

Seamist Arctic Ice - Excellent, CC, BOB, BIS3
Seamist Crystallice - Excellent, CC, BOS

Bjuvs Brukshundklubb, domare Jörgen Hindse.

Seamist Arctic Ice - Excellent, Cert, BIR, BIS3
Seamist Crystallice - Excellent, Cert, BIM

Congratulations / Gratulationer

The Swedish Collie Club National 2011.
Collie Working Trials Championship: Seamist Sheriff Star, owner. Erica Svensson won the working trials Elite class.
The Youth Trial Championship: Seamist Snow-N-Ice, owner Anders Svensson won the Youth Trial class.
Obedience Championship: Seamist Ice Nougat, owner Pia Selin. Combined winner.

The Obedience and Youth winners are from the same litter and the winner of
The Working Trials is their Uncle on the dam's side. CONGRATULATIONS!

Collie SM-vinnare 2011.
BRUKSMÄSTARE: Seamist Sheriff Star, äg. Erica Svensson vann bruksklassen i
APPELLMÄSTARE: Seamist Snow-N-Ice, äg. Anders Svensson vann Appellklassen
med hela 302 p.
RASMÄSTARE LYDNAD KL. I-III: Seamist Ice Nougat, äg. Pia Selin.

Pias och Anders hundar är kullsyskon och Ericas hund är deras morbror. STORT

Seamist Sheriff Star and nephew Seamist Snow-N-Ice

Seamist Ice Nougat and owner Pia Selin